by Adam Campbell

Creative Coromandel

Visit local artist studios of Coromandel. Explore the creative spaces of this arts destination.



Many artists have come to Coromandel for the beautiful surrounds and the lifestyle this place offers. Their creative presence has helped define Coromandel as one of New Zealand’s major creative arts destinations.

Below are some of the many studios which are open for visits. We recommend you get the Creative Coromandel Guide Book with full profiles and contact details of about 30 artists as well as cafes, shops and more, to get the most out of your creative arts adventure.


Barbara von Seida

Barbara is a multi-award winning artist who has developed an expressionistic style uniquely her own. Her work is spontaneous and, by her philosophy, colour speaks directly to the soul – it sets the mood, being the most exciting one of the visual elements that make up a picture.

Her creative process is one of constant change and risk-taking, allowing the subject to reveal itself.

Her paintings are original, vital and innovative.

Barbara is certainly no method artist and relentlessly pursues originality!

Her acrylics and watercolours are held in collections both in New Zealand and worldwide.

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Raewyn Penrose

Raewyn, an internationally recognised professional fibre artist, recently relocated to Coromandel Town after operating a gallery /studio in Te Aroha for over 10 years. Her time is split between creating one-off pieces for commissions and sale in her gallery, conducting felt-making workshops and hosting small group tours for overseas felt-makers. Workshops are regularly held in her studio, but she also teaches in other parts of NZ, Australia and Europe. The workshops offered are suitable for all skill levels.

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Caitlin Moloney

Caitlin Moloney creates original domestic ware and highly detailed one off ceramic pieces. Her work is refreshing, fun, light and wonderfully tactile. Over the past year she has been focused on improving her throwing skills, developing large ceramic forms onto which she transfers detailed design landscapes. These larger and more elaborate works are a real treat to behold. Caitlin’s studio is a colourful and inspiring place to visit.

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Daniel Kirsch

Over time Daniel’s work has taken him into a variety of media, beginning with ink drawings combined with print, and now incorporating photographic images, typography/words and screen print on paper and fabric as well as found materials like old boards and panels from vehicles abandoned in the bush.
Having a German and urban background offers different opportunities than if Daniel had always lived in rural NZ. In fact, this difference informs a lot of Daniel’s work and provides a unique way of looking at things.
While Daniel’s art also resonates with visitors and tourists it is mostly Kiwis with a personal cultural connection that click with the work on a deeper level and appreciate the New Zealand specific subtleties therein.
“Iconic work. Something especially New Zealand.” (TJ McNamara, NZ Herald 2010)

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The Guide Book

The Creative Coromandel Guide Book is your essential reference manual for local artist and artisan studios, galleries, shops cafes and more.

The guide covers Coromandel town and the West coast from Thames up to the northern tip of the Peninsula.

It contains detailed local artist profiles with images of a selection of their works, easy-to-follow maps and all the info you need to find the studios as well as the many places where to eat, dine, play and stay.

It is published yearly and sold through local art stores, the tourist information and online via below link (RRP $15.–)

artists tools during Coromandel Artstour open studio event

Coromandel Artstour open studios event

For two weekends each Spring we celebrate our artists with our own open studio event. Over 30 artist studios will open their studio doors to you between 10am and 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Coromandel has a wonderfully diverse and vibrant creative community: painters, ceramic artists, glassworkers, carvers, harakeke weavers and so much more. The Coromandel Artstour is a celebration of this, it’s a celebration of the creative and cultural diversity of the western Peninsula, of the grassroots connection between art and the natural environment, and of the people and their own interpretation of their place.